Event Fulfilment

If you invite them they will come…..

This is often the case, but they will also no-show, forget and often leave you with a number of empty places and wasted catering.  We work closely with our clients in in creating a targeted guest list and take steps to ensure that your events are attended in both quality and quantity.

The Travel Trade Events fulfilment service includes:

  • The creation of a database specific to your event that is highly targeted and relevant database for each location.
  • Sending of invitations by email – invitations can be designed or provided by the client.  A dedicated email address can be created to capture RSVP’s.
  • Follow up telephone contact to target database to ensure invitation received – a minimum of 2 calls per invitee.
  • Production and sending of confirmation e-mails and final confirmation telephone contact to delegates the day prior to the event.
  • Provision of highly targeted and relevant database post event.